Slicing Through Complexity: Melissa, The Real Estate Ninja’s Premier Real Estate Services

With over 17 years of experience in the real estate industry, Melissa has established herself as a force in the markets of Cypress, Tomball, and Magnolia, Texas. Known affectionately as the Real Estate Ninja, Melissa has honed her skills in various facets of the industry, from qualification reviews to property analysis reviews and handling complex transactions. Her journey began with a passion for helping people find their perfect home or investment, a passion that has only grown stronger with each client's success story.

After The Sale

Melissa’s relationship with her clients doesn’t end at the sale. She continues to offer support on how to settle into your new home or investment, ensuring a smooth transition long after the papers are signed.


Dive into the investment real estate market with Melissa's expertise guiding you through every step. Whether it's assisting with lease negotiations, evaluating investment opportunities, or devising strategies to maximize property value

Home Values

Understanding the value of your home is crucial, and Melissa provides precise, data-driven home evaluations. This service is essential for sellers to price their homes competitively and for buyers to make informed offers.

Single or Multi-Family

Whether your interest is in cozy duplexes, apartment complexes, or anything in between, Melissa's unparalleled expertise in the Cypress, Tomball, and Magnolia markets ensures your real estate journey is successful and rewarding.

Pre-Home Buying Consultation

Get started on your home-buying journey with Melissa, the Real Estate Ninja, offering expert pre-home-buying consultations. She helps you through the complexities, ensuring you make informed decisions.

Qualification Review

Ensure your home-buying readiness with Melissa, the Real Estate Ninja. Specializing in qualification reviews, she assesses your financial landscape, guiding you towards the best path to homeownership.

Residential Buying/Selling

Let Melissa help with your residential real estate market needs . With Melissa's expertise guiding you through every step. From buying or selling to leasing your home, she offers valuable insights into acquiring or selling your home.

Financial Distress

If you’re facing financial challenges related to your property, Melissa offers discreet and compassionate solutions. She can guide you through options like short sales or loan modifications, helping you to make informed decisions during difficult times.

Unimproved Land

Looking for the perfect plot to bring your dream project to life? Meet Melissa, the Real Estate Ninja, your go-to expert for unimproved land opportunities. With a keen eye for hidden gems and a mastery of the market, Melissa slices through the complexities of land acquisition.

Melissa helped me buy a property just a few months ago. I met her at an event and described my dream house. Before I knew it, she was sending me listings about every 3-4 weeks. One day, I opened up the email and my dream house was right there before my eyes! She not only helped me secure a great price on the property but she helped me list the house I was in to maximize profit. In fact, It sold two days after listing while I was out of town! Both transactions were back-to-back at the same location. The experience was completely hassle-free which is solely due to her experience in negotiations and the housing market.


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